Need website hosting? Handball it to us

Need a website? Handball it to us

We don't just build high converting websites, we help you build a business that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 
so you don't have to!  

"You really do provide the whole service that has helped me up-level. With  your honesty & expertise you have saved me so many years in my business. I cannot thank you enough."  

Tori Crewes

Business Video Specialist

Hi, I'm Kathie Holmes, Owner, Internet Marketer and Lead Web Designer at Handball I.T. 

I have been operating successful online businesses since 2005 and throughout that time have been studying and implementing the most up-to-date design, copywriting and marketing solutions to utilise in my web design business and for my clients' businesses. The internet landscape is continuously changing and your website and business need to change with it to ensure you are being found on a variety of search engines as well as converting your website visitors once they make their way to your website.

The internet landscape is made up of many things including great design, hosting speed, content and internet marketing, however if you are not converting your visitors into leads and/or sales then you are spending a lot of time and money on a website that isn't doing what it is meant to do; create sales for your business.

It can be overwhelming to outlay a lot of money for a website and there is always the worry that it won't actually do what you need it to do or you won't be able to manage it on your own. I want to personally assure you that we will work with you to ensure you are happy with the finished product and that you are feeling confident to manage your own website at the end of the process.

Whatever your business needs we are here to ensure you are looked after and your website is actually working for you not against you.

Kathie Holmes 

Whether you are starting out with a new website or looking to make some changes to an existing one, our free e-book "Website Personalities"  will give you valuable insight into what makes customers respond to your website.

"I needed a website, and of course you can build one of these creatures yourself with no expertise, as long as you have 10 years to gain the knowledge on how to do this.

All of Kathie's correspondence was clear and easy to follow, and nothing, and I mean nothing, was a problem for her! Great line of communication during times that were flexible for me.

She managed to create the picture I had in my mind, this is not an easy feat.. My business has a lot of components to it and Kathie streamlined all of it so it could make sense to the visitors to my site.

I am grateful for her presence, and will in the future take advantage of her maintenance package to keep my site fresh and current.

I highly recommend Kathie's work!

Melissa Andrews

Psychotherapist - Rested Minds

"I engaged Kathie Holmes to build my new website.  After engaging Kathie, I was so pleased with the outcome and service I received that I engaged Kathie to continue to support my on-line and technical needs.

What sets Kathie apart is that she is not only technically skilled; she also has a eye for graphic design, good copy and functionality. Many people and companies who build websites, or provide technical support simply do what needs to be done. Kathie consistently goes beyond ordinary customer service. Kathie is invested in making everything that I do the best and is proactive, responsive, and customer centric.

Kathie has become a trusted adviser in everything I do online, products and even marketing. I wouldn’t have achieved half of what I have if it wasn’t for Kathie’s skill, dedication and support. If you need someone to support your business – build websites, landing pages, fix technical issues with email, CRM’s etc. I would highly recommend Kathie to you. I am continuing to use her for the indefinite future."

Craig Farmer

Founder - Transform Leader Pty Ltd.

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